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Adkad Technologies Inc. is a company that specializes in providing lawn care business management software. Their software is designed to assist with various aspects of managing a lawn care business, including billing, invoicing, estimating, scheduling, routing, customer management, accounting, and chemical application reporting. They offer different software solutions to cater to the needs of different types of lawn care businesses.

Their flagship product is GroundsKeeper Pro, which is a comprehensive software solution for all types of lawn care services including landscaping, irrigation, chemical application, snow and ice removal, and more. They also offer GroundsKeeper Lite for smaller lawn care or service companies that need basic tracking of customer billing and accounts. Additionally, they have Blizzard Buster specifically designed for snow plowing businesses.

Adkad Technologies has been in the industry since 2023 and has established a reputation for providing user-friendly software that simplifies the management tasks of running a lawn care business. They offer free trials of their software with no time limit so that potential customers can try it out and see if it meets their specific needs.

For more information about Adkad Technologies and their lawn care business management software offerings, visit their official website.