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DJBTherapy offers a variety of therapy services in the Boulder area. They provide individual therapy sessions, both online and in person, where clients collaborate with the therapist to process and understand their experiences. Bi-weekly 2-hour sessions are recommended for deeper work, but the program can be customized to suit individual needs. DJBTherapy also offers individual intensive therapy, which utilizes experiential therapy techniques to facilitate in-depth healing work. These intensives typically span multiple days for approximately six hours a day in a retreat-style setting.

For families dealing with addiction, DJBTherapy specializes in family therapy that focuses on addiction treatment and recovery. The therapist helps families navigate the challenges of substance abuse, including referrals for treatment facilities, boundary setting, and aftercare plans. Group therapy is also available at DJBTherapy, providing a safe space for individuals to work through relational dynamics and build trust and connection.

To learn more about how DJBTherapy can assist in building the life one desires, they offer a free 20-minute consultation.