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DM Vans is a company founded by Dave and Matt, two individuals who have a strong passion for the van life lifestyle. They come from different backgrounds but share a common experience of living and traveling in vans. With their shared love for adventure and exploration, they decided to create DM Vans to make van life accessible to everyone.

DM Vans offers three different models of vans: LV3, LV5, and LV7. The LV3 is designed for efficient space utilization, while the LV5 provides additional living and storage space. The LV7 offers the largest interior in their fleet, making it perfect for longer trips or full-time living. The company's mission is to not only build top-notch vans but also create a welcoming community of van lifers.

On their website, DM Vans shares inspiring stories and tips related to van life. They cover various topics such as diversifying van life, urban van life tips, and maintaining hygiene on the road. Along with their commitment to providing quality vans, DM Vans has partnered with Campers Inn RV to extend their reach and make it easier for customers to find their dream van.

With DM Vans, anyone can start their own van life journey and experience the freedom and adventure that comes with it.