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Scott Marketing and Consulting Group

San Antonio, TX
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Scott Marketing & Consulting Group (SMCG) is a marketing agency that understands the unique needs of different healthcare organizations. They offer tailored marketing strategies for various sectors, including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, memory care, home health, and physicians. SMCG recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work in senior living and healthcare. They combine hospitality-based sales coaching with cutting-edge marketing techniques to position their clients as industry leaders.

For independent living communities, SMCG focuses on emphasizing the added value their communities bring to seniors' lives while maintaining their independence. In the case of assisted living, they address the fears and uncertainties associated with transitioning from home to a community setting. Their marketing approach provides reassurance to seniors and prioritizes family involvement.

In skilled nursing and rehabilitation, SMCG offers fresh and energetic marketing strategies to empower seniors and assure them of an active and social lifestyle in these communities. For memory care, they provide guidance to families navigating dementia by offering empathy, education, support, and compassionate care solutions.

Home health organizations benefit from SMCG's personalized marketing that appeals to diverse clientele while reassuring them about maintaining independence. Physicians can rely on SMCG's expertise to create strong personal brands that convey expertise, empathy, understanding, and compassion.

Through their comprehensive approach and industry knowledge, SMCG helps healthcare organizations stand out in a dynamic market and achieve long-term success.